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Prevent Unauthorized Inmate Communications. The small size of cell phones allows them to be smuggled into prisons and jails, which puts communities, witnesses, and law enforcement personnel at risk. Blocking the signals renders the phones useless. Military IED Jammers. Military GSM cellular jammer equipment saves lives. Ideal for patrols, convoys, and VIP executive protection. IED Bomb Jammers.

Cell Phone Jammer Kit for Sale - Mobile Signal Blocker

GPS Jammers. Prevent Unauthorized Tracking. Using a GPS jammer will prevent unathorized tracking on your person or vehicle. By blocking tracking signals you will be 'off the map' as far as any surveillance devices are concerned. Welcome to The Signal Jammer.

How to Make 4G-LTE Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Cell phones have truly been increasing in popularity year after year for decades now. One study even shows that well over million people within the US alone had cellular service in October of but that number has exponentially increased in the twelve years that have since passed.

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They are even more ubiquitous throughout Europe. Being able to contact anyone whenever the need to do so arises is a convenience that many people can easily take for granted. However, there is a dark side to mobile phones that many business owners have had to experience firsthand the hard way.

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Mobiles are great communication tools that are effective and efficient in many ways, but there are still people that use these devices at the most inconvenient times. Within a wide range of different public places theaters, restaurants, concerts, funeral parlors, churches , people simply do not know when to put their mobile phones away. It can be socially unacceptable for others, who are frustrated by these individuals that decide to do whatever they want, even in situations with clearly marked signs prohibiting cellular use.

Even more sinister uses include using the cell phone as a detonation device, hence the creation of our IED jammer category, to protect and prevent the loss of life. There is a way to safely eliminate these problems immediately, by using a cell phone GSM jammer. Learning how signal jamming works on wireless devices will make it possible to clearly understand and appreciate their overall value.

Being able to successfully disrupt a cell phone signal is basically the same as being able to jam any other type of mobile radio communication with a standard signal blocker. Blocks average 10 meters. Enhanced strong rubber antennas. Works on power adaptors directly. JMP Jammer Applications. Output Power 75 dbm. Typical Coverage meters depends on signals. Power consume: 1 W. Weight : G. It will cover wide range to block cell phone ringing. As we are the best leading suppliers, dealer, exporter, whole seller, and trader in Delhi India.

Also we provide you COD cash on delivery option. Designed to cut off wave only in the down link bandwidth, so it does not affect any interference to base station and repeat. CSA LR level 3. Your search for best jammer is now ends here as we have the best quality Products of Mobile jammer in Delhi India.

This product can be applied at meeting room, conference room, museum, gallery, theatre, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant, classroom, training centre, factory, bank, train, bus, etc. For some locations of special purpose such as hospital, gas station, etc. Product Features:- Perfect for underground gambling dens. Designed with screw slots for easy wall hanging. Despite charge indicator, this product does not ship with an internal battery..

Jamming range depends on the signal strength from various sources, as well as local environment conditions. Power Source: Power Adapter. Dimensions: mm x mm x 74 mm L x W x D. External Battery optional.


Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Plugs into lighter socket and begins working instantly. It has high gain removable jammer antenna. You can buy our products directly from our Online Store using net banking, credit cards, debit cards and visa cards we accept all types of cards. Features:- Car anti tracker GPS jammer. Block your car from GPS and prevent yourself being tracked. Provide you a secure and quiet space. Trustworthy and faithful guard for you.

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High frequency with wide band, small disturbing technology and high effective power. Adopts the technology of interdiction and interposition code, so will intercept the signal of satellite and break it completely. Working Band: L1 system to MHz. Compatible with Signal Jamming Power: mW. Coverage: M. Power supply: 12V. Antenna Impedance: 50 w.

Currency Supported: mA. Dimension: 20xx35mm L x W x D. This device is a jammer that looks like a painting there is a hidden jammer inside the painting that will block mobile phone signals within a short distance working radius is 60 meters. Note: this device does not interrupt any other electronic devices except cell phones. We will give you the first opportunity to buy this latest product from our store at the cheapest price.

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  5. We have all types of Spy Jammers Spy Jammer devices. Hidden cell phone signal jammer. Jamming Range Radius : 60M. Antenna: 5x Omni-directional Antennas. Effective Range: meter Radius Depending on Cell. Output Power: Power Source: Wall Plug. Dimension L x W x H : x x 52mm. Working Hours: Long time. Jammer with Build in Antennas. Power Cable. Remote Control. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Spy Gadgets Shop Delhi.

    View Mobile Number. These devices pose serious risks to critical public safety communications, and can prevent you and others from making and other emergency calls. Jammers can also interfere with law enforcement communications. Operation of a jammer in the United States may subject you to substantial monetary penalties, seizure of the unlawful equipment, and criminal sanctions including imprisonment. Applicable Law. Michele Ellison, Chief, Enforcement Bureau Jamming Prohibition The use of "cell jammers" or similar devices designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications signal blockers, GPS jammers, or text stoppers, etc.